The literal meaning of Iremia is tranquility.

According to numerology experts, the birth path of Iremia is 1 and it is related with the qualities of being confident, assertive and creative.

Iremia is started by Father-Son duo Munissh and Aman Chadha with a vision to provide fragrance to everybody’s life. There are a lot of benefits that organic and natural products can give us. However, we have been influenced by the chemical products available to us in such a way that we fail to see that the best things in life are gifts of nature.

Thus, it is a tryst of the makers to render freshness and tranquility to all spaces, be it your home, workspace or just your Zen. In our everyday lives, we get so busy chasing our dreams and success that we forget to cherish the very existence of our own self. Iremia brings across the sole motive of being connected with oneself with the help of fragrances that lend peace to one’s soul.

There are several rare and exotic fragrances in the products that Iremia has to offer. Most of these fragrances come from the finest of naturally acquired plants and herbs, making the quality at par with global standards.

It is time to cherish the very essence of India. Welcome to the aromatic world of Iremia.

Iremia ~ Fragrance & beyond.